"The Tightrope Walker"

"The Tightrope Walker" by Jean-Louis Forain

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kids Say and Do the Darnedest Things.

Time for some Molly-isms:

"Tick or Treat!" I think I'll take the treat since I'm not sure what you mean by 'tick'!

"I like you Mommy!" Thanks.

"I need a dinky! Dinky of juice, please." Why do kids insist on skipping 'r' and adding 'y' to the end of everything?!?!?

'Tinkle, tinkle little tar." Enough said. :-)

"What's your name?" "I a girl." "Yes, but what is your name?" "Girl." Okay.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tooth Fairy, Part 2.

The Tooth Fairy took the the tooth and left a toonie (a $2 Canadian coin), instead of the oh so desired My Little Pony.

To this Sophie said, "Is this enough money to buy something?"

The response, "Nope, but by the time all your teeth fall out you will have enough to buy something."

Sophie, "How long will that take?"

Postscript: The classmate who received the My Little Pony 'earned' said gift after having her first baby tooth surgically removed. How do you explain that one to a not-quite six-year-old! :-)

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Trials and Tribulations of the Tooth Fairy.

Little did I know when I set out on this crazy adventure of motherhood that my first encounter with the Tooth Fairy would be like watching a trashy afternoon soap opera.

Opening Scene:
"Mommy! My tooth is loose!"
"No way! Let me see..."
Scan tooth. Close-up of wiggle.
"Well, let's hope it doesn't fall out before tomorrow."
"It is picture day at school!"
Tune ominous music.

Next day:
An uneventful day plays out at school. Photos are taken and tooth is still intact.
"Lovely smile!" says the photographer.
Another close-up of smile and then tooth.

Scene change:
Arriving home from school. Regular after-school, pre-dinner activities ensue.
"What? Are you hurt?"
"My tooth fell out! My toooottthhhh felllll ooouuuuuttttt!"
"Let's see. Yup your tooth fell out. Where is it?"
Scan to tooth stuck to sweaty five-year-old hand.
"That's exciting. Now the tooth fairy will come!"
"Yep, and she isn't going to bring me money."
"Sure, she will."
"No. Annie got a 'My Little Pony' from the Tooth Fairy."
"She did?!?!?" Pan to Mommy's face, revealing surprise, worry and a load of WHAT???? Since when does the Tooth Fairy leave anything more than $2.

Cut to next scene:
"I can't eat dinner."
"Why not?"
"I have no tooth."
"We are having soup and sandwiches. I think you will be able to eat dinner."
"I guess. I'll just eat on one side."
"Good idea. Want to call Grandma or Nana and tell them?"
"No," and lots of tears. Next 10 minutes are spent crying over lost tooth.

Final scene, hours after bedtime:
Loud sobbing can be heard from upstairs.
"What's wrong?"
"I don't want my tooth to go."
"I don't want the Tooth Fairy to take my tooth."

Big sigh.....

Thanks For The Compliment!

Thanks to Amber at The Confessions of A Doer Mom for honouring me with 'The Versatile Blogger' award. It is always nice to receive some positive recognition. Be sure to visit Amber at her blog.

The honour of this award requires me to share seven things about me:
1) I've lived in one city and only three houses my whole life.
2) I love alone time. Completely alone.
3) I love being a part-time teacher and part-time at home mom.
4) My favourite number is three and that makes it hard to only have two babies.
5) I want to travel...but not until my children are grown.
6) I am addicted to chai lattes, from Starbucks of course.
7) I wish I could blog, go to the gym and read a book at the same time.

And now, four blogs I'd love for you to read:

1) Hoo Goes Where...photos charm me every time.
2) Moms Madhouse Advice Blog...never do I not smile and laugh.
3) Not So Silent Mommy...I relate.
4) The Real Housewife of Oxford County....funny, honest and always a great read.

Hope you enjoy the reads!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


This has been a wild week. Sophie has been sick and ended up in the hospital for two days (but that is for another day). Now it is Saturday and Monday is Thanksgiving. It only seems fitting to take a few minutes to express some gratitude.

Right now I'm grateful for:

The sunny day and sunny days to come.

The golden light of fall.

Fiery colours of fall leaves.

Little girl smiles.

My husband.

My parents.

My babysitter.

Chocolate and fresh apples, but not together.

Butterfly and bunny kisses.

My job, I'm loving it.

Warm days, cool nights.

Blue jeans, t-shirts and sweaters.

Nurses. Medicine.

Good health.

Seven years.

Lots to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!